Joint Physics Analysis Center

JPAC acknowledges support from DOE and NSF


  1. High energy model for $\gamma N \to \pi N$ constrained by FESR: $\gamma N \to \pi N$ page
  2. High energy model for $\rho^0, \omega,\phi$ spin density matrix elements: $\gamma p \to V p$ page
  3. High energy model for $\eta'$ beam asymmetry photoproduction: $\gamma p \to \eta^{(')} p$ page
  4. High energy model for $\eta$ photoproduction: $\gamma p \to \eta p$ page
  5. High energy model for $\pi^0$ photoproduction: $\gamma p \to \pi^0 p$ page
  6. High energy model for $J/\psi$ photoproduction: $\gamma p \to J/\psi p$ page
  1. Pion-nucleon Scattering:
  2. Kaon-nucleon scattering: $\bar K N\to \bar K N$ page
Light Meson Decay:
  1. $\eta$ meson into three pions: $\eta\to 3 \pi$ page
  2. vector meson into three pions: $\omega,\phi \to 3\pi$ page
Heavy Baryon Decay:
  1. $\Lambda_b^0 \to J/\psi p K^- $ and the $P_c(4312)^+$: $P_c(4312)^+$ page

About JPAC


The Joint Physics Analysis Center (JPAC) was set up in October 2013 between Indiana University (IU) and the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab).
JPAC collaborators include:

Indiana University

Jefferson Lab

George Washington University

Syracuse University

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz

  • Igor Danilkin Postdoctoral researcher
  • Astrid Hiller Blin Postdoctoral researcher

Bonn University

  • Misha Mikhasenko PhD student

Genoa University

  • Andrea Celentano Researcher

Ghent University

Murcia University

  • Miguel Albaladejo Postdoctoral researcher

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

  • Arkaitz Rodas PhD student

Cracow Institute of Nuclear Physics

Pedagogical University of Cracow

  • Lukasz Bibrzycki Professor

California State University Bakersfield

  • Peng Guo Professor

FZ Julich

  • Ling-Yun Dai Postdoctoral researcher