Joint Physics Analysis Center

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2019 Talks

2018 Talks

Quark-Hadron duality workshop [website] at James Madison University, September 2018:

Exotic Hadrons and Flavor Physics [website] at Brookhaven National Lab, May 2018:

Scattering from the lattice: applications to phenomenology and beyond [website] in Dublin, May 2018:

Light Cone 2018 [website] at JLab, May 2018:

Bound states in strongly coupled systems [website] in Florence, March 2018:

Belgian Physics Society meeting [website] in Antwerpen, April 2018:

CLAS12 Collaboration meeting, at JLab, March 2018:

International workshop on Hadron Structure and Spectroscopy 2018, [website] at Bonn, March 2018:

Pion-Kaon Interactions Workshop [website] at JLab, February 2018:

Multi-Hadron Systems from Lattice QCD [website], at INT, February 2018:


2017 Talks